Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A sweet little reminder to everyone: Today is voting day.

Granted, it is only the primary, (we can't get rid of Arnold that easily, even though it would be magical) but it is still important to vote. Here are some important things on the ballot:

Prop 81: Please vote yes. Imminent domain is something that just should not exist. California is trying to prohibit imminent domain.

Prop 82: This one sounds good in theory. Would'nt we all want our children to get the best preschool education (considering that preschool is becoming more academic?) Apparently, this prop. is poorly planned. The L.A. times said to vote no. I agree with them.

Lastly, I voted for Rocky Delgadillo for Attorney General. Yes, I know Jerry Brown has more experience (and I do like him) but I voted for the Angelino. Besides, Magic Johnson called my house and told me to do so. He's awesome.

Happy Tuseday, everyone.

If you are registered to vote and don't know where to go, check out www.ocvotes.com.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

This is Tan Nguyen. He is running for Congress in Santa Ana against the incumbent Loretta Sanchez. He ran as a Democrat in his last campaign and is now running as a Republican. His platform is a stand againt illegal immigration. Yeah, good luck on that one,pal.

I got this picture off of Mike's blog. Check it out here. He has a lot more photos. He has a political blog, too.

Wow, two links today. You should feel special.

I realized that I haven't made my blog known to others. That should really change soon.

With that said, check out my drinking style:

>VIRGO (Aug 23 - Sept 22)>
Drinking style: Cerebral Virgos are compelled to impose order onto their bender. Their famously fussy quest for purity could lead to drinking less than other signs, sure -- but it could also lead to drinking booze neat, to sucking down organic wine or just to brand loyalty. They rarely get fully shellacked -- but, oh, when they do! Virgo's controlled by the intellect, but there's an unbridled beast lurking within, and they let it loose when walloped. It's dead sexy (and surprisingly unsloppy). As one Virgo friend used to declare, "I'm going to drink myself into a low level of intelligence tonight." A toast to the subgenius IQ!

Link time!
Sucker for little girly things? Me too.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

What's this? A Thursday night at home?

That's right, bitches. Im in for the night. I know it's a weeknight, but I feel strange not going out for the usual weekend warm-up. Im sitting here reading my sample ballot and eating some Tostidos (which are amazing, P.S.) This weekend is going to be a busy one though; dress fitting for the wedding tomorrow and possibly going out with my cousin tomorrow night. Ill be celebrating mother's day with my grandmother out in the 909 on Saturday. That evening, Ill be attending Nena's birthday party in Fullerton. Im sure you really didn't care about my weekend plans, but hey, you are reading this, aren't you?

I see in my sample ballot that a man by the name of Martin Luther Church is running for a Senate spot against Dianne Feinstein. That is either the most unfortunate or hilarious name I've ever heard. I <3 California.

Well, off to continue my laundry. Such the party animal. Oh, and it's link time too.


Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Here I am, at work, with my students getting their english language education on. Yesterday, after my unsuccessful attempt to discuss the problems in Darfur, I turned the conversation to the protests that went down last Monday. Most of them felt it was empowering to their cause. Good. Im glad that they were able to make noise and call attention to the situation. A day without a Mexican really did make a difference.

Anyways, I find myself trying to make this blog relevant, but no one even knows the addy to this yet. Im working all the kinks out. Im thinking I need a theme for this. Im leaning towards an info site with reviews from movies to music, food and drinks to random sites on the web. So, with that said, here is the link od the day:


peace, bitches.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ay dios mio. The day of the worker has started a revolution. Well, maybe...